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Marlène Labardin Photo Guillaume Roumeguère
Photography Guillaume Roumeguère

« the skin of the others moves me »

At the age of eight year old that Marlène LABARDIN acquires her first camera. In 1994, she flies to New York to study, she’ll graduate with an associate degree in Visual Arts and discover the professional universe at ICP (International Center of Photography of Manhattan).

Her technical initiation refines itself, going from cross processing, to macro, to night photography. « The photo coverage » sees the light, foreshadowing the firsts exhibits. Nevertheless, her attraction to the nude is growing bigger.

Indeed, the photographer Marlène LABARDIN is inspired by the skin of the body, a dress which texture is so proper to life itself. Like « the canvas of a painter », she evokes the nude, as her intuition, using « the volume and the line » which appears within a scenery composed by other raw material.  

In this way, she combines, parcels out the silhouette of the model hiding its particularity. Through her works, the mirror of the body conveyed in our societies is therefore disoriented  showing the excellence and the purity of each living body.

In this photographic experience, the archetypal body remains pointless, only the history of the body reveals the artistic foundation of these pictures.

Marlène LABARDIN is engaged in this project with her models, men, woman of all ages, their are all totally involved in the work in which the differences and the unity become muses of her inspiration. 

Thus, by symbolizing the nude by other means than the ones we’re familiar with, the artist gives a deep meaning to the existence of the body which would not show itself undress. This harmony created emphasizes a new creativity, which her eye tents to develop.

Even though the nude seems to be the thread throughout her carrier, she loves exploring other universes which invariably make us feel a human presence of all kinds.

« Beings uncovered to discover.

You ll meet her on your way.

Look close, she’s already seen you. »

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